Indigo PDF

Our tools make Indigo PDF a comprehensive and versatile solution for all your PDF-related needs, ranging from basic operations to advanced security and unique features that set it apart in the market.

Merge PDFs Visually

Indigo PDF Multi Tool enables users to merge multiple PDF files visually, making it convenient to combine related documents, chapters, or pages into a single cohesive PDF file. This feature streamlines document organization and presentation.

Rotate PDF Pages Easily

With Indigo PDF Multi Tool, you can adjust the orientation of PDF pages in 90-degree increments. This is particularly useful for correcting page alignment issues, ensuring that your content is displayed correctly.

Rearrange PDF Pages Seamlessly

Rearranging PDF pages becomes a straightforward task with this tool. Correct page order errors or customize the structure of your PDF documents by visually selecting and moving pages.

Remove Pages Intuitively

The Indigo PDF tool simplifies the process of removing pages from PDFs. Whether you want to eliminate confidential information or simply edit your document, PDF Multi Tool allows you to select and remove pages with ease.


Indigo PDF Page Operations

PDF Page Operations in Indigo PDF offer a comprehensive set of 12 individual tools for manipulating PDF pages. These tools cater to various needs related to PDF page management.


Convert Operations

Indigo PDF's Convert category provides versatile options for converting to and from PDF format. This section caters to various conversion needs.

Convert to PDF

  • Image to PDF

    Convert images into PDF format, preserving visual content.
  • Convert Documents to PDF

    Convert various document formats (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to PDF for easy sharing and compatibility.
  • HTML to PDF

    Save web content as PDF documents.
  • URL/Website to PDF

    Convert web pages or online content to PDF, preserving web information.
  • Markdown to PDF

    Convert Markdown documents to PDF for distribution.

Convert from PDF

  • PDF to Image

    Extract images from PDFs for reuse in other applications or documents.
  • PDF to Word

    Convert PDFs to editable Word documents for content modification.
  • PDF to Presentation

    Convert PDFs to PowerPoint presentations for dynamic content delivery.
  • PDF to RTF (Text)

    Extract text content from PDFs for further editing or analysis.
  • PDF to HTML

    Convert PDFs to HTML format for web integration.
  • PDF to XML

    Convert PDFs to XML format for data extraction or manipulation.
  • PDF to PDF/A

    Convert PDFs to PDF/A format for long-term preservation and archival.

  • Sanitize (Exclusive Feature)

    Remove metadata and hidden information like malicious scripts, from PDFs to protect privacy and security.

  • Add Password

    Secure PDFs by adding passwords to restrict unauthorized access.

  • Remove Password

    Remove passwords when authorized access is required.

  • Change Permissions

    Set or modify permissions to control who can view, edit, print, or copy content.

  • Add Watermark

    Add watermarks to PDFs for ownership identification or confidentiality notices.

  • Auto Redact Given String

    Automatically redact specific text strings to protect sensitive information

  • Sign with Certificate (Future Update)

    Sign PDFs with digital certificates for authentication and data integrity (anticipated future feature).


Miscellaneous Tools

Indigo PDF's Miscellaneous Tools category encompasses unique and powerful features that set it apart from competitors:

Indigo PDF Future Updates

Indigo PDF plans to introduce several enhancements and features in future updates, including:
  • Progress Bar/Tracking: Improved tracking and progress reporting for operations.

  • Custom Logic Pipelines: Create custom logic pipelines to combine multiple operations together.

  • Folder Support: Support for folder-based operations with auto-scanning capabilities.

  • Redact Text (Via UI): Manually redact text for enhanced data privacy.

  • Add Forms: Introduce form creation and management features.

  • Annotations: Add annotations for collaborative document markup.

  • Multi-Page Layout (Stitching): Stitch PDF pages together in custom layouts.

  • Fill Forms: Support for filling forms manually and automatically.

  • Edit PDF Like Word: Advanced PDF editing capabilities similar to word processing.

These updates will further enhance the functionality and usability of Indigo PDF, making it a powerful tool for various PDF-related tasks and document management needs.

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